There is a method to writing successful Technical Proposals. This method ensures your organization achieves its highest possible score and "sells" the value of contracting with you. Have you submitted bid responses that did not meet minimum threshold? Have you reviewed losing bid evaluation sheets and seen scores of 0?

HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES has over 29 years of experience writing winning Technical Proposals. Technical scores account for 60-80% of the total-the price is still very important. We can help you evaluate the importance of price and lead a strategic discussion focusing on the bid price.

Joel Honigbaum has successfully directed marketing efforts at State, Federal, and commercial organizations focused on government healthcare contracts. Joel works with your team, or provides experienced writers/production staff. He trains you and your team on a proven methodology to achieve the highest possible scores-and he can even provide the professional leadership to harness and control the input from your technical experts.

Examples of contracts won include:

  • Arkansas HITREC
  • Arkansas Medicaid Quality Initiative (MQI)
  • Arkansas Medicare 10th Scope of Work.
  • Kentucky Medicaid Administrative Agent
  • Medicaid Pharmacy Administration (14 contracts)
  • Medicaid Health Care Management (3 contracts)
  • Independent Verification and Validation (3 contracts)
  • External Quality Review (6 contracts)
  • CMS Demonstration Projects
  • Medicare Scope of Work
  • Indiana Medicaid (Health Insuring Organization)
  • Georgia Surveillance and Utilization Review
  • Hawaii Catastrophic Reinsurance and Case Management
  • Third Party Liability (6 states)
  • Independent Federal Agencies (Peace Corps, VISTA, USIA, USAID)
  • Arkansas Innovative Performance Program
  • Medicare Administrative Contract (R-7)

Winning proposals start months or even years before an RFP is released. If your organization is committed to expanding its market(s) or its market penetration, you need the proven techniques of HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES to maximize your chances for success. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an executive strategy session.

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