Making the decision to bid on a proposal can be one of the most difficult decisions your company can make. HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES can help make that decision an easy one. We can step in and offer a full range of services customized to suit your specific needs.

Competitive Analysis

Who won last time? At what price? What has been their performance?
Who else bid? How do you find out?
Does this business have strategic value-how close are you willing to price your offer?


What advantage do you have over the competition? What points of goodness can you emphasize
throughout your proposal? Why should you win?

Bid/No Bid

Did you know the RFP was coming? Did you have any influence on what is being requested?
Is there enough time to respond? Is there value in submitting a losing bid? Is this a critical piece of business?

Writers' Outline

Every RFP has a score sheet for evaluators. HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES can provide the outline
that directs writers' to the best possible score.


HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES teaches your team how to write and how to research. We believe in
thinking graphically; and teach you how to do that. Writers' block-we have cures for that!
Our approach places the concise, winning strategies at the beginning of each section.


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