While the technical proposal receives its final review and approval, your financial staff puts the finishing touches on your price. Different procurement models determine the relative importance of your technical and cost proposals. Oral presentation to the client is often required; preparation of your team is crucial to receiving the highest possible score. There is an art to furnishing the client with a best and final offer. From start to finish, HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES has the experience to maximize your scoring opportunities.

Red Team Review

If HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES is not engaged to run the procurement, we may be hired to perform a Red Team Review. This is a final review of the document for readability by one or more persons who have not been part of the process to date. The Red Team Review focuses on consistency and how well the document sells the organization’s approach to the work. This is normally a three-four day process.

Final Cost

What is your pricing strategy?
Do you have an audited government overhead rate?
What is the contract?
Is price a high or low evaluation factor?

HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES has the experience to assist your organization in developing the best possible price.


You have invested time and money in writing a response that has made the first/final cut. You now are invited to orals. This is a decisive point in the evaluation process. What should be said/how should it be said? Who should go/what questions should you anticipate? HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES prepares your team to make the winning oral presentation.


An invitation to submit a Best and Final offer normally means you are one of two or three finalists. How do you prepare your BAFO; should you change your price; can you correct/change any portion of your offer? How do you interpret what the BAFO means? HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES can provide the leadership to understand the BAFO request and help you continue to submit winning information.


You have won the contract! How do you deal with the outgoing contractor? Are you prepared to handle difficult relationships with the client and the outgoing organization?

HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES can provide experience and an independent view of the proceedings.

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