This process requires full support of your executive team and your technical staff. Our goal is to tell, and convince the client that you should win. A professionally organized RFP response focuses attention on your superior qualifications.

Project Directive
HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES conducts kickoff meetings for the project team. There are strict guidelines to follow to maximize time, develop winning themes and strategies, and produce a high scoring response. Regular meetings control research/input and keep everyone on schedule. Little things mean a lot-what person will you write in; what tense will you use? How should the document look?

First Draft

This is a critical period when writers must find useable text from past proposals or develop new information for use. HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES can perform the essential task of "herding" the information from your staff. We make sure that the first draft matches the writers’ outline so all RFP elements are covered. First draft sets the tone for the entire proposal process. Team meetings occur on a frequent schedule during first draft. At the scheduled time, all writers and corporate reviewers meet to analyze the first draft; review selected approaches; and define changes that are needed for the second draft.

Second Draft

Following First Draft review, all writers edit their sections, addressing comments from the review, adding new information, and completing all sections. The Project Manager and key corporate staff review this draft for completeness. Graphics are included to begin to view the entire document.

Edit and Polish

As the Project Manager, HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES matches the text against the RFP requirements to ensure all tasks have been addressed. The editing process addresses grammatical conventions, tense, person, and other technical issues. The goal is to have the document read as if written by a single person.


HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES can manage client production staff or provide full production capabilities. Document control is essential to the smooth running of the procurement; once engaged, HONIGBAUM & ASSOCIATES controls the document.
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