A Medicine Cat among Ponies (2024)

*Pinkie's POV (still)*

Tamami spoke "You guys, I'm standing right here! I'm an idol! A very serious, very professional, non-comic relief idol!"

But then a giant door appeared out of thin air.
A Medicine Cat among Ponies (1)

Emerald asks "Wh-What the!?"

Shima asks "A door of some kind... but where does it lead?"

Tamami spoke "Wait, is this... the door to our dressing room...? Oh, it totally is! It's got the same scratch right across here.

Seiko asks "The door to the dressing room?"

Tamami spoke "Yeah, the one at Takura Productions. We use it all the time when we have a recording session or something.

Kaze asks "Takura Productions, you mean where we came from. How could it be here, though...?"

Seiko spoke "Let's go take a look inside. We might find out something.

We agreed as we opened the door and went inside, finding ourselves in a dressing room.
A Medicine Cat among Ponies (2)

Emerald spoke "Um, hellooo? Excuse meee..."

Tamami spoke "It's a tiny bit different, but this is the Takura Productions dressing room... I'm sure of it."

Seiko spoke "I don't sense any enemies around... I think we might be safe here."

That gave us some relief as we were beat.

Shima asks "Did you notice you can't hear that bizarre song in here?"

Miran spoke "There's definitely something different about this room from the other places.

Kaze spoke "Yeah, I know what you mean. Almost makes me forget we're in another world.

Tamami asks "*Notices a piece of paper before grabbing it* What... is this...?"

Kiko asks "Hmm? A note of... some kind?"

Emerald: A-A note? Does that mean... someone was here before us!?"

Seiko spoke "I don't think this is a letter. It's more like a diary entry."

Kaze asks "A diary? Whose, though...? Hey, Seiko, you mind reading that out?"

Seiko spoke "*Reads diary entry* "The pressure from everyone is crushing me. No one really knows me, I don't have any bonds with anyone... I don't want to sing. I have no right to sing that song. It hurts so much... I feel like I'm suffocating... I want to disappear... I'm too weak even to stand on my own. I just wish I could connect to someone... To have a bond to support me..."

That was a bit spooky.

Shima spoke "The writer was clearly in a lot of pain... I wonder if they came here and wrote it."

Seiko asks "But this isn't the real world. Who'd even have had the chance to do that?"

But that entry was definitely a clue.

Kaze spoke "*Bead of sweat* I just thought of something... but, uh, I dunno..."

Kiko spoke "Come on, Kaze. Say it."

Kaze spoke "That "voice" out there kept telling us and Tamamin to get "connected," right...? And then there's this note, and the "idol who committed suicide"? I dunno, but I'm getting the idea that it's all..."

Emerald spoke "N-Nuh-uh! Y-You know I can't handle that stuff!"

Tamami asks "An idol... who committed suicide...?"

Karei asks "*Calls through telepathy by Himiko* Everyone, are you alright?"

Seiko asks "Oh, Karei... We're fine, how about you guys?"

Tamami spoke "Wh-What the...!? What's going on!? Oh no! Now I'm hearing voices? Karei-senpai's in my head!"

Shima spoke "Don't worry, it's like a compact. It's harmless."

Tamami asks "O-Oh... R-Really?"

Karei spoke "*Through telepathy by Himiko* We just saved Sumomo. You're with Tamami, right? I can tell she's there."

Seiko spoke "I'm glad you're safe. Looks like things are going well on your end, too."

Karei spoke "*Through telepathy by Himiko* Yeah! Kanji and Teddie are both really pulling their weight, Oh, and so is Sunao-kun and the others, naturally!"

Tamami spoke "Oh, thank Faust... Sumomo's okay."

Karei asks "*Through telepathy by Himiko* And the place you're in right now... It looks like a dressing room, right?"

Seiko asks "What about it?"

Karei spoke "*Through telepathy by Himiko* I think it'd be best to leave Tamami there to rest, instead of moving on ahead with her."

Tamami spoke "Wha-Why!? I don't wanna stay here on my-Nngh..."

Tamami stepped forward before losing her balance as she was thankfully still standing. Yep, she's definitely tired.

Rainbow Dash asks "Tamami, you all good?!"

Tamami spoke "Y-Yeah, I'm fine. It's just... I feel really tired..."

Karei spoke "*Through telepathy by Himiko* I knew it... It's like the TM world. Normal creatures get exhausted just by being here. So it would do more harm than good if she went with you guys."

Kaze asks "Is it really that safe here, though? I mean, what if Shadows pop up again while we're gone?"

Karei spoke "*Through telepathy by Himiko* You sent away all the Shadows in your area, so it should be okay. Plus, I don't even sense a residual Shadow presence in that room... It's almost like a safe zone."

"Safe zone?" I wondered.

Karei asks "*Through telepathy by Himiko* As far as I can tell, yeah. So you should make sure Tamami gets some rest, and go on ahead. Oh, and about Ms. Ochimizu-Ah, geez, I gotta go! We'll talk later, okay?"

Seiko spoke "Got it."

The transmission ended.

Emerald spoke "What was Karei-chan gonna say something at the end there? Wonder what it was."

Seiko spoke "Yeah, something about Ms. Ochimizu..."

Tamami asks "H-Hey... Do I really have to stay here? I can't go with you guys...?"

Shima spoke "I understand what Karei-chan's saying, but it's only natural for Tamami-san to feel anxious, being here alone."

Emerald asks "What should we do? Maybe one of us stays with here?

Seiko spoke "Considering what just happened, it's probably a bad idea to split up our forces more...

A voice spoke "I'll stay with Tamami."

To our shock, we looked around, seeing... Ms. Ochimizu walk in?!

Seiko asks "Ms. Ochimizu!?"

Ochimizu spoke "You need someone to stay in order for you to move on, right? So, I'm saying I'll stay."

All of us were shocked.

Kaze asks "*Bead of sweat* That IS Ms. Ochimizu, right...? The LMB producer?"

Shima spoke "I think so... that rude changeling we met at the studio."

Emerald asks "Shima, she can hear you! Wait, hold on. She protected Kanami-chan, and she got dragged into this world... Why's she standing here all cool like nothing happened!?"

Kaze spoke "This has got to be what Karei wanted to tell us..."

Ochimizu spoke "Of course I pushed Kanami away to protect her. I'm sure nobody had a better plan at the time."


Shima spoke "You don't have to say it like that..."

Seiko asks "Ms. Ochimizu... I'm glad to see you safe. But how did you get here?"

Ochimizu spoke "...I hate repeating myself, but I suppose I must, since you weren't with the other group. I simply walked here. When I came to, I was lying on the ground, so I started moving. I did run into some strangely-dressed creatures along the way, but they didn't do anything to me."

Rainbow Dash asks "Hold on... You're talking about the Shadows?! And they just left you alone? How and why?"

Ochimizu spoke "I don't know. But when I got closer, they vanished into thin air. Suppose I'm not too popular here, either."

Kaze asks "Sh-Shadows have likes and dislikes...?"

Shima asks "Pardon my rudeness, but... you don't look very surprised, given the situation. Why is that?"

Ochimizu asks "Well, I'm not that hardheaded. I don't know where this is, but after what happened... It would seem reasonable to think that something supernatural is going on here. And panicking won't get me anywhere, will it? Now, from the looks of you, I'm guessing you have an idea about what's going on, or this is something you're used to. And you've come here to save Tamami and the others. Is that correct?"

Wow, she's one smart cookie.

Adagio spoke "Well, I guess that's pretty much what's going on."

Ochimizu spoke "Then I can only offer my thanks. Sumomo and Tamami... At the very least, your group rescued those two already."

Emerald asks "W-Well, we just, you know, did what we could... Wait! Ms. Ochimizu, how do you know that?"

Ochimizu spoke "I met Karei Shinai and the others prior to coming here. It was after they saved Sumomo."

Kaze spoke "*Bead of sweat* Dude, she really gets stuff done...!"

Ochimizu asks "Tamami, if you're a professional, then bite the arrowhead. You're staying here with me. Understood?"

Tamami spoke "Y-Yes ma'am...!"

Trixie spoke "Yikes, so intense... Not even Trixie could say no to that..."

Kaze spoke "I friggin' told you...! This is the Empress! Every fan's worst nightmare!"

Ochimizu spoke "That's all I have to say. If you're done here, then go. I'll leave the other members to you."

Seiko spoke "*Smile* "No mistakes will be tolerated, right? We'll do our best."

Ochimizu ended the conversation.

Emerald spoke "Seiko-kun, I can't believe you can talk to her like it's nothing. She really gets under my skin."

Shima spoke "Me too. Does she really have to put things so harshly...? That's no way to ask favors of others. It makes me lose the will to even try."

Kaze spoke "Yeah, huh. I've seen her on TM, but man, she's even rougher in person..."

Rainbow spoke "Hey, when you think about it, she's a bit like Spitfire."

Kaze spoke "But is it me, or is she harsh on purpose? I wonder if there's a... hidden agenda, or something..."

Seiko spoke "Do you really think so? She did thank us, so I don't feel back about anything she said..."

Kaze spoke "Well, we're here to save the members of Kanamin Kitchen. Whatever she says, it doesn't change what we're going to do."

Shima spoke "Yes... you're right. I'm sorry I brought up such an awkward subject."

Seiko spoke "Anyway, we should take a quick rest and get moving. We don't have any time to lose. We need to save everyone."

Two left, one for each our teams.

Ochimizu looks over the diary entry.


A Medicine Cat among Ponies (2024)
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