Countryman 2024 Incl Awning RRP £21,495 SAVE £5500 - PAY ONLY £15,995 Limited Offer (2024)


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Click above to see the review on the new 2023 model with The Camping and Caravanning Club July 2023

The fantastic Conway Countryman is all you will ever need as your leisure vehicle, it is compact, lightweight, and easily towed by a modest towing vehicle with a maximum gross weight of only 750kg. Also easy to store either in your garage or on your drive. The most compact and spacious Folding camper in the UK.

This fully self-contained unit is unique in the market in offering plenty of fixtures giving you the freedom of being totally self-sufficient without the need to rely on outside facilities. This beautiful spacious 4berth, easy to tow unitquickly unfolds to create an oasis of space and comfort. Warm muted colours and quality fabrics create a luxurious feel. Two spacious permantently made-up bedroompodprovides comfortable sleeping. Two bench seats provides an area for relaxing / dining.

What others call options we fit as standard at no extra cost!


Fully equiped to include : -

  • Seperate Grill
  • 4 burner Hob
  • Sink / Drainerwith Hot and Cold water
  • Integrated fridge / freezer
  • Lighting LED
  • High level shelf storage


There is space in the Left Corner cupboard to store a portable toilet (Optional extra) to be used in a toilet tent or inside the unit

Living Room / Dining Room

  • 2 Fixed Bench seats
  • Free Standing Table (Can be removed and placed in the Awning / Outside)
  • Power points
  • USB Points
  • Lighting LED - high and low level
  • Blown Air Heating
  • Roof Inner Lining - providing insulation to keep the heat in or out
  • Removable Carpet / Door mat


  • 2 spacious permantently made up bedrooms (extra to living space)
  • Inner Sleeping pods fitted including storage pouches
  • Zip out / in window access to provide privacy along with curtains
  • Both beds can be left made up during opening and closingwith duvet / sleeping bags making a quick set up

Outside Body

  • All weatherbreathable'dry' acrylic cabin (made by Isabella)​Keeping you protected whatever the weather with fully ventilated windows and removable front panel to allow you to be at one with nature on those lovely Summer days.​
  • Cabin automatically supported on opening of Camper with solid EASY CLICK pop up frame (10 year guarantee on cabin frame)
  • Gas assisted bed opening (easily opened / closed by one person)
  • Spare wheel & Carrier (fitted)
  • Storage in front locker for 2Gas Bottles includingfurther space for all those outside items
  • Mains Electric socket in awning space for plugging in further externalappliances
  • Mains Hook up - Single 13 pin socket
  • External Grab Handles (4 off)
  • No pegging required - simple assembly in under 10minutes

Awning included

  • Full breathable acrylic Isabella Awning with 4 zip out panels, doubling the space
  • Awning Extensions (optional extra) can be fitted to the sides to provide further sleeping / living areas)
  • Increases Sleeping capacity - upto 8 plus


  • Ample storage is provided in the Camper in addition to the fitted cupboards, including huge locker storage under the seating (No need to pack items in your car leaving this free for you, your family and pets)

The main benefits of acrylic materialover canvas and polyester are as follows:

  • Fully Breathable giving an advantage over other fabrics
  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Will not absorb water
  • Easier to dry out
  • Maintains internal cabin/awning temperature on average 3 degrees (celcius) over other fabrics

Optional Extras

  • Awning Extension
  • Awning Extension Inner Tent
  • Bed Skirts
  • Outdoor Storage Cover (Small)
  • Hitch Lock
  • Awning Ground Sheet

CountrymanAssembly Sequence

CountrymanAssembly Sequence to readFour Berth Assembly Sequence.

Specification sheet



Overall length


Overall width


Internal length


Internal width


Towing height




Campsite length


Campsite width


Interior height


Bed Size 1


Bed Size 2


Optional awning width


Optional awning depth


Ex works weight


Carry capacity


Gross weight


Internal Lighting Standard
AKS1300 Stabiliser N/A
AKS1300 Lock


Alloy Wheels


Three Way Refrigator


Battery Box


Bound Edge Carpet


Cassette Toilet


External 240v Socket


External BBQ Point


External Shower


Hand Basin


Integral Heating


Mains Electric System




Scatter Cushions


Shelf Unit


Spare Wheel& Carrier


TV Aerial Point




Water Heater (Mains Only)



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  • Overall satisfaction:Excellent


30th January 2023, 12:04:45

Richard Gill

Purchased one new after having one, years ago and then buying a caravan, I have gone back to a Pennine Fiesta for ease of towing and all the benefits of a caravan. They are quite simply great

  • Overall satisfaction:Excellent
  • Quality:Excellent
  • Value for money:Excellent
  • Performance:Excellent
  • Ease of use:Excellent


18th July 2022, 08:29:51

Nicky Bassett

Purchased January 2021 and have now had ample time to use and we have!! Can honestly say it’s fabulous. We also bought the extension and we have loads of room. We holiday with friends and their grandkids and the awning houses many evening playing board games. Really pleased with our camper. Thoroughly recommend.

  • Overall satisfaction:Excellent
  • Quality:Excellent
  • Value for money:Excellent
  • Performance:Excellent
  • Ease of use:Excellent


20th September 2021, 09:22:08


Just returned from a fantastic 4 days away in our new camper, could not fault a thing with it. Once we had put the camper up a few times it is fairly easy. Brilliant design and wish we had done this years ago.

  • Overall satisfaction:Excellent
  • Quality:Excellent
  • Value for money:Excellent
  • Performance:Excellent
  • Ease of use:Excellent


5th September 2020, 14:13:28

Elaine Lindley

Purchased new November 2019. Finally got to use it in August, thanks to Covid 19. No complaints from towing to ease of putting up. Excellent quality throughout. Love it. Making the most of it before winter

  • Overall satisfaction:Excellent
  • Quality:Excellent
  • Value for money:Excellent
  • Performance:Excellent
  • Ease of use:Excellent


14th July 2020, 10:20:02

Roger Kaye

Absolutely fabulous unit. Quality build is excellent and there is so much space. My wife and I are delighted with it. It has all the features you would require and more.

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Countryman 2024 Incl Awning RRP £21,495 SAVE £5500 - PAY ONLY £15,995 Limited Offer (2024)


How long is a pennine fiesta? ›

Fiesta 2024 Incl Awning
Overall length400cm
Overall width184cm
Internal length280cm
Internal width173cm
36 more rows

How big is the Pennine folding camper? ›

Overall Length: 4.88 m. Internal Length: 3.55 m. Campsite Length: 6.00 m. Overall Width: 2.12 m.

How much does a Pennine trailer tent weight? ›

Pathfinder 2024 Incl Awning
Optional awning depth250cm
Ex works weight840kg
Carry capacity160kg
36 more rows

How long is a pennine sterling? ›

The total length of the Sterling is 4.1m, width is 2.1m and height when folded is 1.25m.

What is the Pennine Fiesta 2018? ›

The Pennine Fiesta provides caravan style luxury with an eye-catching exterior and tastefully coordinated interior furnishings and fittings with the added advantage of an onboard toilet. Fixed galley kitchen area. Pleasant spacious dining for 4 with 2 permanently made up double beds additional to the living area.

Which Jayco camper is the biggest? ›

The largest Camper Trailer in the Jayco Range, the Jayco Swan Camper Trailer boasts plenty of room with its bed ends that slide out either side, rivalling space many full sized caravans host.

How heavy are folding campers? ›

Choose which of our models suits your lifestyle.
Height of Ball40 cm42 cm
Ex-Works350 kg750 kg
Carrying Capacity150 kg250 kg
Maximum Gross Weight500 kg1000 kg
20 more rows

How big are most pop up campers? ›

When opened, the length is roughly double the box length. Most pop-ups are between 7 feet (2.1 m) and 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 m) in width and between 4 feet 6 inches (1.37 m) and 5 feet (1.5 m) in height when closed, but "high wall" models are tall.

How heavy is a 30 foot camper trailer? ›

Typically, a Class C will be 20-30 feet long and weigh anywhere between 10,000-12,000 pounds UVW. This weight will increase once you add your cargo and passengers. The perfect size RV for just about anyone!

How heavy is a 22 foot camper? ›

A smaller travel trailer – about 22 feet long or less – has an average weight of about 2,800 pounds. The unloaded weight range is typically between 1,200 and 3,900 pounds. The gross vehicle weight rating of small travel trailers varies from 1,900 pounds up to 4,500 pounds.

How much weight can you put on top of a tent trailer? ›

On average, a rooftop tent has an average weight capacity of 900lbs. Some manufacturers roughly place the weight of a camper at the 200 pound mark. With this, you can be sure that a two-person rooftop tent will comfortably support a minimum of 400lbs. Generally, the average weight capacity of a rooftop tent is 900lbs.

How big is the Pennine Aztec? ›

The Aztec, when folded, is just 2.87m long (including drawbar) 1.73m wide, and 1.14m high, meaning it fits into the smallest of garages, tows like it isn't even there, and can be easily manouvered around by one person.

How long is the Pennine Pullman 535? ›

The first picture is a Mark 1 Pullman. Image two is an early Mark 2, Image three a later Mark 2 and image four an early Mark 3, or, as it then became known, the Pullman 535 (on account of its on site length of 535cm).

How big is the Pennine sovereign? ›

The Pullman of the day was 417cm long, whereas the Pathfinder was 478cm. At 427cm total length, the Sovereign was a lot closer to the Pullman, in size, but with equipment levels more akin to the much larger Pathfinder.

How wide is the Jayco camper trailer? ›

How big is this camper-trailer? How much does it weigh?
Weight (Tare/ATM/Tow Ball)1134kg / 1434kg / 95kg
Oct 3, 2018

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