Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)

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Dear demigods,

I know you have questions about what is occurring.

How come there are up to 3 counterparts of the same person?

How do some of you find yourself in an alternate version of Earth?

What happened to the other two worlds?

What are the differences between each world?

These and other questions will be answered slowly as it is not an easy subject to explain to the youth, so the apparatus that appeared before you will help you to see it and slowly show you the answers to what you are looking for by showing some of the recent events of your respective worlds, as well as other counterparts of Perseus Jackson. Annabeth Chase, Jason Grace, Nico DiAngelo and more.

To make it easier for you to understand this, they will be shown as scenes from movies and/or documentaries made by mortal humans.

Attentively Chaos





No one said anything when Annabeth Chase-B finished reading the note that her boyfriend caught, and those who were natives of the world they were in could better understand the reaction of Poseidon-B and Sally Jackson-B's son, since the son of the sea was not someone who liked to talk or brag about his missions. He preferred them to be in the past, just like his girlfriend.

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (1)

At least that's what the older members of the half-breed camp like Chiron-B, Nico, Will-B, the more sensible cabin leaders, understood, as opposed to those who were from other alternate worlds, who were curious about the differences between the worlds.

However, there was also the fact that some of the natives of the Earth they were on had always been curious about the searches that Perseus-B and Annabeth-B undertook, as they were vague on the subject whenever asked, avoided the question, or in the case of Annabeth-B was very technical, as well as too detailed when talking about it, which ended up boring them. Although there were also some who suspected that he was doing it on purpose so as not to tell them.

As for the teenage Jackson, he was very uncomfortable with anyone seeing his life, as well as his mother, his friends. The same was true of the chestnut version of Perseus, the blue-eyed version of Annabeth, and others. But not to the same extent as the black-haired and sea-green-eyed Perseus or the gray-eyed daughter of wisdom.

Others didn't know what to think like Jason, Nico and Will-B.

But the silence was due to the surprise of Chaos' intervention, as in none of the 3 worlds had Chaos been involved in the lives of their descendants in ages, but there were also some who had questions if there was only one Chaos or in each universe there was a different one, as as far as they knew, Chaos was the creator and origin of the universe.

"Damn old ladies..." or at least the silence lasted when curses were not uttered in a low voice by the savior of Olympus, which were heard and understood only by those who were close to him, making the 3 Chirons, as well as Will, pale, but Nico nodded in agreement and Annabeth-B pinched the bridge of her nose again,before she saw that the contents of the paper changed to one of instructions on the sphere.




—|—|—|—|— A few hours later —|—|—|—|—

"So, what can you tell us about our counterparts?" The daughter of the grey-eyed goddess of wisdom asked her friends, who had lived for a few days with her other versions who appeared in the camp, while all were waiting for them to activate the sphere.

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2)

Since the 3 Chirons had agreed (after a few moments to get over the fright, pallor, and surprise of Chaos getting involved) that they would see whatever the sphere would show them to better understand the situation, but that perhaps it would be better for all the guests from other versions of planet Earth to see this, so they had put the sons of Hephaestus from the different worlds to create a sort of movable tiers of several levels so that everyone could enter the amphitheate. And the rest were hanging out until then.

As soon as the three members of the 7, they along with Rachel, the son of the underworld and the son of Apollo, had walked away a little to talk.

"Well..." Will was the one who started talking, but he didn't know what to say

"It's complicated" Jason helped him, as he thought about how to explain the differences between his friends' counterparts and other campers, mainly of the veterans

"They won't survive here." Nico, on the other hand, had no problem getting straight to the point

"Nico!" Jason and Will-B complained with some exasperation at the tactless son of the Underworld

"You know it's true."

"What do you mean?" the green-eyed black-haired man asked his cousin, while his girlfriend only raised an eyebrow

The other 3 shared a look before Jason was the one to speak

"When they appeared, I was here to discuss the layout for the future worship area with the leaders of each hut, Lord Bacchus and Chiron, although I was taking a breather at the time. But when they appeared out of nowhere, we thought it was some kind of attack, they thought the same thing and it didn't help where their buildings appeared. It didn't take long for the fights to begin"

The son of the sea and the daughter of wisdom knew what Jason was referring to at the beginning of his explanation, since the blond man had promised the goddess of violent storms that he would see to it that all the lesser gods were recognized with both the Romans and the Greeks, although personally they both doubt that many Greeks would go to that place once it was built, especially for all those who survived the two wars.

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (3)

"And why does Nico say they won't survive here?"

"Because they didn't last long fighting our campers and more than half of them didn't fight in the war of the giants, let alone the war of the titans." Nico cleared up the doubt of the gray-eyed demigoddess

"The ones who put up the most fight were the counterparts of the two of you," Will-B added, "Clarrisse's and..." when he was about to say the last one he got a little nervous

"And?" asked Rachel, who had remained silent until that moment, but she, Percy, and Annabeth could see the reaction of the son of Apollo

Will looked at Jason and Nico, who weren't quite sure, though the latter looked like he had some discomfort on his face.

"Can we come back to this until the end, because we're not sure how you'll react," Will asked, though the tone of his voice seemed to implore them to listen to him

Who don't you want to talk about?

"There are other differences," Jason said quickly, "apparently I was never born into the world of brown-haired Percy and blue-eyed Annabeth, but Thalia was."

"What?" Percy said, but he, the redhead, and the gray-eyed blonde, inwardly wondered who was bothering them enough to change the subject, but they also wondered about the differences between the worlds.

"Their Thalia is here too, only she's like 16 years old, while your counterparts are 20 years old. From what we learned, that Percy arrived at the camp at the age of 16, the great prophecy was fulfilled at the age of 20 and they had it very easy compared to us" Nico explained" And it was when they were on the island of Polyphemus, which for them was more than a week ago, about a week ago her Thalía stopped being a tree"

"Wait!" exclaimed Percy-B before the two girls with him said anything. "Didn't half-breeds die? Or how many went to the sea of monsters?" remembering how many died during the fight against Kronos

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (4)

"Only the counterparts of the two of you, Clarisse and Grover. According to them, those who died were those who joined Luke, whom the Titan king killed when he rose again. And we don't think it's as dangerous as ours despite the way it's described." It was Will who answered the son of sea's questions

While 2 of the 3 20-year-olds more easily noticed the differences regarding their own experiences when they went to the sea of monsters or at least than the other 3 told

"Do you think that sphere shows what happened?" asked Rachel, she may not have met Percy until years later, but in the last 3 years that she had been there for both of them, supporting them to overcome the traumas and bad memories of their time in the pit, she had become even closer to both of them of what she used to be, and they both told her things that no one else knew except Grover-B

"I hope, because it sounds like their world was much quieter than ours." Annabeth-B answered the redhead's question, only to hear a snort

"Without a doubt," Nico snorted before speaking, "one of the other things we learned is that in your world there are demigods who can live their whole lives without knowing what they are. Apparently, only the children of the Big 3 can have a life expectancy of 30 to 35 years, since they are the ones who have a stronger smell than the rest, and the Romans do not exist according to the counterpart of Chiron"

"... How?" was all the former oracle, the gray-eyed demigoddess, and the sea-green eyed demigod said, for unlike those counterparts, the Greeks used to have a life expectancy of 16 years, and it was even more dangerous for the children of the Big 3, at least before they knew about New Rome, which currently housed several of the veterans of the two wars and there were plans to build the Greek version.

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (5)

"When things calmed down, and we talked, orders were given to the satyrs, both theirs and ours smelled the demigods, but they were never told what they discovered, only to the three Chirons and the three of us," said the son of Jupiter

"And that was it?"

"Their smell is weaker than that of the half-breeds of our world, that of the half-breeds of the world of their adolescent counterparts is in the middle of the 3 three worlds, but the half-breeds of the other world are the ones with the weakest smell. It was agreed that nothing would be said about these, but if that thing is going to show the differences between the worlds..."

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (6)

"They'll find out anyway" Annabeth-B ended up with Jason, knowing that the potency of a demigod's scent was tied to the power that the demigod or demigoddess had, and from the age of 16 she could feel the very slight scent of sea breeze emanating from her boyfriend, who has since become stronger as a reflection of her boyfriend's power.And according to Piper, she could sometimes feel the smell of rain rising from Jason when they were still dating.

If they and others could feel that, how strongly could satyrs or monsters smell the scent of demigod.

"That's right," Jason said before remembering anything. "Oh, I forgot, the reason we didn't ask anyone else to come was because Chiron asked them to be on the lookout for half-breeds, mortals, and other beings from the other worlds that have appeared elsewhere."

"Fantastic," Percy-B growled as he massaged the temples of his head as he felt a headache at possible problems coming from other worlds

"From the world of the younger versions, there is the Roman side according to their Chiron-S, but as far as we know, they didn't appear. According to Frank and Hazel, several legionnaires fainted and have apparently had several visions—Trying to calm the atmosphere was Will explained, though he wasn't really sure if that really was reassuring

"Visions?" asked Rachel

"Apparently from the lives of their counterparts," Will clarified

Neither Percy-B, nor Annabeth, nor Rachel were at ease with the news, but they were worried, when they realized something

"Wait a minute! And Luke?! "

"And Luke?!" "

"What about Castellan!"

The three of them asked, worried that there are two Luke Castellan on the loose causing trouble in this world

"Do you remember we didn't want to talk about someone?" asked Will, putting one hand to the back of his head nervously. "The brown Percy's Luke and the other blonde Annabeth, we're not sure, but it could be on Polyphemus' island or in Polyphemus' stomach."

Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (7)

"And the other one?" asked Rachel before the other two

"Stopped, Jason was in the woods taking a breather, when your mini-me, and that black-haired Luke appeared."

"Black-haired" Both Annabeth-B and Percy-B blurted out, as it was hard to forget the appearance of the one who tried to kill them a couple of times, who tried to help Kronos and who was an older brother figure to one of them, as well as a crush during puberty.

And Annabeth-B recalled several of the talks and discussions Thalía-B had over the years, since she stopped being a tree, especially some after the two wars

I don't think Luke is a hero, Annie. I don't think he regretted it either, I think in the end he ended up hating Kronos more than his father and the gods

How many times did he try to kill you, Grover, Percy or me?!

Maybe Luke was right about the gods, Annie... but that doesn't justify him trying to destroy the world by helping Kronos

Who made promises, only to break them? Who didn't make promises to you, but was always with you, Annie?

Annabeth sighed at the memories before concentrating again on her friends' explanations

"... Then I defeated him and knocked him out. The mini-Percy and mini-Annabeth dragged him back: Several of Ares' eldest sons, along with some of the other cabins offered to keep an eye on him, who survived the 2 wars. Although the last I heard is that some of them took it out on him, so he made the Luke of this world, after they found out that he also worked for the other Kronos"

"A quiet year is too much to ask," complained the son of the sea looking at the heavens, but everyone knew to whom he was complaining

"I don't think anyone is comfortable with this, Percy. Especially the counterparts of some of us," Rachel said, before the six heard a horn calling everyone to the amphitheater

"Looks like they're done," Will said

"Well, let's get this over with," said the son of the sea, but everyone could feel the reluctance of the black-haired man with the green eyes


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Seeing the multiverse in the Greek Camp - Chapter 2 - Xifos - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)
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