unblock hotmail email sent as text (2024)

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I used to be able to forward emails from my Hotmail account as MMS text messages to my phone number@mypixmessages.com or as SMS to my phone number@vtext.com, but now they come back undelivered with error messages saying 'Message blocked because it contains content identified as spam' (the only content was the word 'test') or 'Connection dropped due to SocketError'. I can forward emails to my iPhone as MMS and SMS from another email account but not from Hotmail. Also, I can forward text pictures from my iPhone to my Hotmail. It shows up in my email as mynumber@mypixmessages. So, to summarize, I can receive MMS/SMS text messages from my iPhone in my Hotmail email but I cannot send MMS/SMS messages from Hotmail email to iPhone, and I can send and receive between iPhone and an email that is not Hotmail.

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Posted on Apr 9, 2023 10:03 AM

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Apr 11, 2023 9:23 AM in response to ronniebhai

Hi ronniebhai,

There's a few potential points of failure here.

To start, SMS/MMS messages are sent via your carrier. It is entirely possible they're now flagging those messages from Hotmail. We'd recommend double checking with them, especially with those error messages.

Secondly, the issue could be specifically with Hotmail, perhaps an update in their system that no longer allows that feature: Contact Us - Microsoft Support

Do you recall this issue only starting after any specific update to your iPhone or a reinstall of the OS? Any large change at all?

We'd advise starting with your carrier as thats the logical failure point given the messages you receive. Should the issue persist, let us know the additional details requested about any changes to your device.



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Apr 11, 2023 5:03 PM in response to SnickZ.

I did start with my carrier, Xfinity. I chatted with 5 different agents and they are clueless. Then, because I was able to send MMS text from other email providers but not from Hotmail, I chatted with Microsoft. They said if messages are being returned as spam, I need to check with my text app provider (Apple). That's why I came to this forum. Interestingly, I sent another email from my username@outlook.com and that came to my iPhone as MMS text. It is just hotmail.com emails that don't get delivered. Hotmail and Outlook are both owned by Microsoft. Looks like I'm getting the runaround between Microsoft, Xfinity, and Apple. I can go back to them again. I usually use this feature to forward barcode scans when I order something online and have to pick it up. I also use it to forward boarding passes that come to my email. I haven't done it in awhile. Maybe the problem started when I upgraded my iPhone a year ago. I tried resetting the network but that didn't help.

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Apr 11, 2023 5:21 PM in response to ronniebhai

I could check my Hotmail email on my phone but for some reason, only the most recent messages show up. Another workaround would be to snip the image and send it from another email besides Hotmail. But all that aside, I'm wondering why Hotmail doesn't get delivered as MMS. I've been doing this for years and never had a problem.


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Apr 11, 2023 5:08 PM in response to ronniebhai

I guess a workaround would be to take a picture of the barcode or boarding pass so i have it on my phone.


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Apr 11, 2023 5:38 PM in response to ronniebhai

Hello ronniebhai,

Thanks for that info. Please contact Apple Support to investigate this further.

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unblock hotmail email sent as text

unblock hotmail email sent as text (2024)


How do I unblock Hotmail emails? ›

- Return to the “Safe senders and domains” section in the Mail Settings. - Scroll down to the “Blocked senders” section. - Review the list of blocked addresses or domains. - If you find an entry that you want to unblock, select it, and click the “Remove” button.

How do I get my Hotmail back after being blocked? ›

The quickest way to get your account unlocked is by requesting and entering a security code online. If you haven't tried unlocking your account online, we recommend you start there. Tip: If your security code doesn't work, make sure you enter the numbers in the body of the message, and not the numbers in the header.

How do I unblock my Outlook email account? ›

To unblock your account, you'll need to reset your password. Enter the email address of the blocked account, then enter the characters you see on your screen and select Next. Enter the code generated by your authenticator app or select Use a different verification option to get a text message.

Why is Hotmail blocking some emails? ›

Reasons for Hotmail to block you

There are many legitimate reasons why Hotmail might block specific domains from sending emails to their users. Some of these reasons include: You send campaigns with spam like characteristics. Your campaigns give error messages and/or contain images that don't load correctly.

How do I unblock email messages? ›

How to Unblock Emails on Gmail
  1. Log in to your inbox.
  2. Click the gear icon and choose the See all settings option.
  3. Navigate to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.
  4. You should see all addresses that are blocked. ...
  5. Select the sender you want to unblock and click Unblock selected addresses.
Jun 7, 2024

Where is the blocked list on Hotmail? ›

Login to your Hotmail account at https://outlook.live.com/. Click on Settings. Select Mail, then select Junk email. You can now see your blocked addresses.

How do I get my Hotmail email back? ›

Go to the Microsoft account recovery page: https://account.live.com/acsr. Enter your Hotmail email address that you are trying to recover. Provide an alternate email address where Microsoft can contact you about your case.

How do I reverse a blocked email? ›

To access this from the settings, just:
  1. Go to Gmail and sign in.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top right corner.
  3. Click 'See all settings. ...
  4. Select 'Filters and Blocked Addresses from the menu tabs at the top.
  5. Unblock the email address you want by clicking 'Unblock' on the right.
Jan 26, 2023

How do I reactivate my Hotmail email account? ›

Reopen your Microsoft account
  1. Go to account.microsoft.com and sign in.
  2. You'll be asked to receive and enter a security code. After you enter the code, your account will be reopened.

How do I fix my blocked email? ›

Fix email bounces due to blocked IP address
  1. Option 1: Get added to approved senders. Ask the recipient to add your domain name to their approved senders list.
  2. Option 2: Have recipient allow IP addresses. ...
  3. What Google does to help. ...
  4. Related topics. ...
  5. Contact Google Workspace support.

How do I fix Outlook blocked emails? ›

Unblock senders
  1. Select Settings > Mail > Junk email.
  2. Select the address or domain you want to unblock and select .

How do I unblock emails in Outlook on my phone? ›

Unblock Outlook Email On Your Phone
  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select View All Outlook Settings.
  3. Click Mail, then Junk Email.
  4. Select the address you want to unblock, and select Remove.

How do I unblock a Hotmail email? ›

Unblocking contacts
  1. Log into the Outlook Web App.
  2. Click the Settings cog wheel on the top right of the screen.
  3. Type 'blocked senders and domains' into the search field and open the Blocked senders and domains options.
  4. Click the trash icon next to the contact(s) you want to unblock.
  5. Click 'Save'

How do I fix a blocked Hotmail account? ›

Begin by visiting Microsoft Live to recover your account and reset your password. Enter the email address of your blocked account and enter the characters you see on your screen and select Next. Enter the code generated by your authenticator app or select Use a different verification option to get a text message.

Why did I stop getting my Hotmail emails? ›

If you are not receiving emails from Hotmail, clean out your inbox. If your inbox is full and you don't have the storage space you need, you might have difficulty receiving new emails to your Hotmail account.

How to undo block sender in Outlook? ›

In the Outlook menu, select Tools > Junk email Preferences. Under Blocked Senders and Domains, select the email address or domain you want to unblock, and choose the Remove the selected sender button .

Where are settings in Hotmail? ›

Click on the Gear (Settings) icon on the upper right corner and select Options. This will take you to the settings page wherein you can make the changes for your respective email account.

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